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Membership Matters

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 Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  During December we received a card and letter from former longtime member, Vic Barnard’s family in Florida.  He has relocated from his Son’s home, into a care facility.  They were able to secure respite care for Vic while they were on a vacation.  Upon their return, they found Vic had adjusted well to his new surroundings, taking on a “leadership” role among his peers.  Victor is now a resident of Emeritus Senior Living (ESL).  It has worked out well for the three of them.  ESL is located 1 1/2 miles from their home so they are able to spend time with him almost every day.  He will celebrate his 92nd birthday April 2015.  He loves to get mail:  Lt. Col. Victor Barnard, Emeritus, Rm 121, 150 Mariner Health Way, St. Augustine, FL  32086.  For all the other thoughts that are left unsaid, and unknown to me, but are being held in hearts.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Kristyn Christman-McCarty graduated from CU with her Masters of Music the end of December.  She was invited to sing the Alma Mater at her commencement exercises!  Jenny Fitt-Peaster celebrated her 65th birthday on Sunday, December 21st, and her family called her our “Winter Princess”.  Darla Anderson, daughter of Lois and Dan Anderson, is now a Full Professor of Geography, at The Ohio State University.  Heather Ogren who received her Masters of Library Science, from Emporia State in Kansas. 

Random Thoughts:  Recently I talked about many changes that have occurred — as I am also a member of our Search Committee — I understand full well that soon real change will happen at the UU Church of Boulder.  For a short walk through my history at UUCB (starting in 1982) I want to explain why I call myself an Institutional Unitarian Universalist.  I became President of the Board, for the first time, in June 1993 after the departure of our Minister (Forrest Whitman).  Our congregation and my Board were split down the middle, and it is safe to say that emotions were high!  It was during this period that I was struck with the importance of UUCB, and what it has meant to my life, and why!  I realized that as much as you love, or dislike. a Minister — they are not the Church!   I have already experienced eleven different Ministers in my life as a UU.  Following Forrest’s departure, Fred and I committed ourselves to “keeping these Church doors open”!  To keep this community functioning, and to be open and welcoming for everyone who stayed, who returned, or has joined since — now and into the future.  Rev. Stan Stefancic stressed, to us the importance of  “staying at the table” when conflict or change arises.  Through the years people have left, but others have returned.   Fred and I always try to greet everyone warmly at our Greeter’s Table, and extend a true and sincere “Welcome”.  We have all worked hard to become the Church we are today.  We have “walked the walk” with Rev. Howell K. Lind, and I will be forever grateful to him for what we are today! When I was on the last Search Committee I knew in my heart that he had the skills to move us forward. Being on the current Search Committee, I hope I will again know in my heart, who can take us beyond our wildest dreams.  We have “Broken Through”, and I am excited to see what is next to happen.  It is up to all of us!


With Love & Care, Barb

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