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The Mountain Desert District Annual Meeting April 10 thru April 12th

A Chance to Practice for General Assembly — in June

The Mountain Desert District will be holding its Annual Meeting, April 10 thru April 12th in Denver!

This is an unusual opportunity to participate in the wider work of our UU Association, closer to home, and will probably not be repeated for several years. The site will be at the Marriott Hotel – Denver Tech Center.  Pre-registration is available now at  Details concerning costs and hotel registration can be found there.  On-site registration will open at 1:00 pm on Friday, April 3rd, in the Marriott lobby.

There are a selection of Workshops which will be available, according to your interests.  The Keynote Speaker will be Mark Ewert, author of The Generous Path, who will speak on Friday evening.  He will also lead one of the workshops, along with Rev. Ken Brown, who has some exciting ideas on multi-site congregations.  The Rev. Dr. Sandor Kovacs, from the Hungarian Unitarian Church, in Romania rounds out the list of special guests.  A gala banquet will be held on Saturday evening.

The Rev. Gretchen Haley will offer the Worship on Sunday morning.  I will be happy to talk with anyone about this event.

Fred M. Cole — UUCB Denominational Affairs Representative 

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