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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  On Sunday March 8th Rev. Howell Lind lit three candles…the first for Pete Palmer and his family on the death of Pat on Sunday, March 1st.  The second candle was on behalf of our entire congregation — for Deborah Berioli — our Church’s incredible Music Director.  She became quite ill and was admitted to the hospital. It was quickly determined that her liver was shutting down.  It was also discovered that her condition was hereditary and a compatible organ was rushed to the hospital (in Denver) where Deborah underwent a liver transplant.  Her new liver is functioning well, as I write these words — we are all happy to know that she is now home with the prognosis for a strong recovery!!  If you wish to make a donation to the ICU, or to the Transplant Unit you can make a check out to UUCB with the notation on the memo line that it is for Deborah.  Martha Kappel, Jenny Fitt-Peaster’s mother and Becky Martin’s grandmother, died December 13, 2014 at her home near Longmont.  She was 90 years old with a mind sharp as a tack.  A memorial service to celebrate Martha’s full, feisty and exciting life will be held April 17, 2015, 7 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  The third candle was lit for Amanda Riggers, our lovely pianist, and “sexy” (my nickname for him because of what he can do on his saxophone, and he is handsome!) Sam Williams are engaged to be married!  Ask to see her beautiful engagement ring.

On March 11th I received the last UUCB Young Adult mass-produced Email …saying that their focus will now be on their YA Facebook page for communication.  I want to give thanks for this incredible YA Newsletter, and to Kelsie Kline, and Suzy Belmont who have continued to keep the YA group on track, and a force in our congregation.  All of YOU have made us proud.  The YAs have become a bit spread thin, as members have become more involved in the important work of our Congregation serving on the Board, Worship Council, Search Committee, other Committees, providing music — and Yes, they do coffee once a month.  They are a blessing and deserve our thanks. Unfortunately, as we celebrate the arrival of summer in Boulder we will be losing several of these fine Young Adults to their future opportunities.  They will make a difference in the next UU congregation they enter — wherever they go.

It has also been my pleasure to work with David & Lisa Hughes who have produced this Clear Light Messenger for more years than I can remember.  Judith King is now assuming this editorial role, as part of her Office Administrator responsibility.  Also to Karen Morgan who produces the Midweek Messenger.

Lastly, a special thank you to all the “bakers and buyers” who participated in this year’s Ninth Grade Trip Cake Auction.  The creative cake-making talents which appear are always amazing!  Kudos too — to our intrepid auctioneer, Bill Belew, and to Lisa Hughes (with help) who organized the activity.  In total we raised $2400 for this very important program, benefiting our youth.

Random Thoughts:  You can say I started my random thoughts in the paragraph above, but I have a few more to share with you this month!  I have missed seeing you while we, the Search Committee have been away, and I wish to give very special thanks to all who have volunteered to make Sunday morning work.  I do feel that a simple Thank You hardly covers what I feel for Diana & Michael King, and for Janet Kern & George Wolf — who not only set-up coffee, but ended up doing the clean-up afterwards, this month!  The Young Adults do both jobs on the 1stSunday of each month.  Coffee Hour always requires at least four volunteers.  Often Fred, Kendall & I assist in the clean-up, by default.  That is not the promise I try to make when I am recruiting.  My feeling is that — if you “cook” you do not “clean” — that is our own house rule.  For all of you who appreciate what is provided for you every Sunday morning — I would be grateful if  everyone is aware that there are two jobs to be done. More hands make the work easier, and finished sooner.
During my recent travels I had the pleasure of seeing former members Karen & Alan Gershanov.  What a delightful surprise — and the feeling was mutual.  Karen shared with me that when their church was going through some hard times she said, “I remembered what Barb Richards would say about “…staying at the table”.  They did, and the rewards have been worth their effort.  They have joined my ranks as Institutional UUs.
With Love & Care,  Barb
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