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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: The family of John Williamson (I called him Jumpin’ John) who died, March 30th, from surgical complications.  John, and his wonderful wife Valerie, who was our Director of Religious Education in the late 70’s, and their children were active members of UUCB.  A memorial service is planned in late May.  Also with George Wolf and Janet Kern, whose daughter suffered a ruptured appendix.  Janet flew to Boston to be with her.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Easter Sunday, April 5th — we the Search Committee, announced our candidate — the Rev. Kelly Dignan!  Later that afternoon, on a special hike Jason English (member of our SC) and Gen Morley became engaged!  Amanda Riggers, our pianist, and Sam Williams became engaged last month, and this month they purchased their first home.  Amanda said it is exciting to go from 600 sq. ft. to 1700!

Random Thoughts:  Depending on when you read last month’s newsletter you might have noticed my Random Thoughts were missing.  I feel they are important enough to run them again because I want everyone, who covered everything when I missed five Sunday mornings to know how grateful I am.  Last time I forgot to thank Fred Cole who covered four of the Sunday’s without me by his side, at the Greeter’s Table.  The fifth Sunday we were attending the Mountain Desert District meeting together; so thanks for the volunteers who filled in for us.

I have missed seeing you while we the Search Committee have been away, and I wish to give very special thanks to all who have volunteered to make Sunday mornings work.  I especially do not feel that Thank You hardly covers what I feel for Diana & Michael King, as well as Janet Kern & George Wolf who not only set-up coffee, but ended up doing clean-up as well!  The Young Adults always do both jobs.  That is not the promise I try to make when recruiting.  My feeling is if you “cook” you do not clean — That is the rule at our house!  For all of you who appreciate what is provided for you every Sunday I would be grateful if ALL of you would be aware, and help clean up.  More hands would make the job happen very fast.

During my recent travels I had the pleasure of seeing former members Karen & Alan Gershanov.  What a delightful surprise — and the feeling was mutual.  Karen shared with me that when their church was going through very hard times, she said,.. “I remembered what Barb Richards would say; “… that we had to stay at the table!”  they did and the rewards have been worth their effort.  They join my ranks as Institutional UU’s.

With Love & Care,  Barb

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