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Membership Matters – Barbara Richards

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We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Former member, now living in Salt Lake City, Paula Baase who is recovering from ankle surgery after a recent motorcycle spill.  After three hours in surgery she says her Harley riding days are over. Jean & Henry Kroll as Jean is settling into her new residence in the Long Term Care community of Manor Care Nursing Home in Boulder where she is enjoying many activities and welcoming visitors.  It is best to call Henry to arrange the best time for visiting or sharing a table at lunch or dinner time.  Henry’s number is 720-987-3288.  Henry says; “…all in all this is a very intense undertaking for me and Jean as well.  All in all…it’s like retail sales…you just put in the time!  She moved in on May 13, and thus far as we enter Day 5 at Manor Care, Jean seems to be adjusting and some of my apprehension, worry and concern seems to be more managed by my intellect and emotions.”  Now our love, hugs, care, and support needs to go to Henry.  We also remember Marge Maggoe who is recuperating from a fall and would appreciate cards and visitors.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Joan Scott’s daughter, Hannah, has returned home after two years service in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa.  Caitlin Moore, Will Kropp and Rev. Gretchen Haley  participated in a race in Fort Collins on May 5th.  Caitlin and Gretchen did the half Marathon, running 13.1 miles.  Will did the 10K run, logging 6.2 miles!!  After all that, Caitlin and Will came back to Boulder, just in time to vote for our next minister, Rev. Kelly Dignan.  A personal thanks to Ted Burnham, Sam Fenzel-Alexander, Luisa Rodriguez, Suzy Belmont, and Laura Upham who stepped in to clean up the coffee service for Fred & moi, on Mothers Day. This allowed us to have a very special luncheon with two of our grandchildren, who we had not seen in almost three years.  Sharon Laroque and Karen Morgan went to NYC … just got back. Karen says: “We loved the service at All Souls in Manhattan!”
Random Thoughts:  Saturday, May 16th Fred and I attended the memorial service for John Williamson.  Our relationship with the Williamson’s started in the 70’s because Valerie was the DRE here at UUCB, and I was DRE at First Universalist Church in Denver. We also collaborated on the UU Ninth Grade Trip together.  In 1980 Fred and I had our first date at their home, which was the also night that son David, was hit on his bicycle, and lives were changed. The service was beautifully led by Beckett Coppola who opened and closed it.  In between, it was commanded by the many talents of the family, with a grandson playing bagpipes, singing with a daughter-in-law and granddaughter, accompanied by son Craig on his guitar.  Remembrances from their five grandchildren, and ending with thoughts from their three children. Judith King was on sound and did a great job as well. Because John was left blind at the age of seven — the highlight of the service was a composite recording of fifteen sounds that he loved — a train, a telephone ringing, birds in flight, rippling waters, birthday messages from grandchildren, etc.  Amazing Grace on the bagpipes led us out!  Answers for the sounds were printed and placed on the reception tables; where we enjoyed two of his favorite foods — fudge and ice cream!  He would have loved to have been there for the celebration of his life.
Somewhere around the Church, I have misplaced a set of keys on a metal ring, with a plastic key tag.  Has anybody seen them?

With Love & Care,
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