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Membership Matters – Barbara Richards

Richards Barb 

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Continued concern for Marge Maagoe who is still home-bound and would like visits.  Diana Maiden on the recent death of her cat, Penelope.   

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Becky Palmer’s daughter, Stephanie recently graduated from the University of New England and will be practicing as a Physician’s Assistant back here in Colorado.  Ellen and Don Lilley were blessed with the birth of a great granddaughter, Braelyn, on May 31st. To the country of Ireland for voting to change their Constitution, to allow gay marriage, by 62% margin!  All of the Hess Sisters, known to us as, Ginny Black, Mary Jean Ewing & Nancy Holt plus Peter E. & Peter H., who had a reunion, in Argentina, at the home of a woman who was one of their former exchange students growing up!

Aaron Gerber, Will Kropp and Amy Self  as they all finished Sprint triathlons last month — looks like we have the makings of a UUCB  Iron Man team!  By the time you read this, General Assembly – 2015, in Portland, OR will have happened.  Our attendees this year are: Rev. Howell Lind, Diana McLean, Whitney Wheeless, Heather Ogren, Fred Cole, and Barbara Richards.  (other names may be added)

Special Welcome to New Members:  Honored recently, but joined on February 22, Alison Burgess and Sophie Hughes (our two youngest members),  Jaime & Kurt Schlomberg, and their three children, Alex, Violet, and Grace Ava.  We welcomed back Bobbi Himes who re-joined on May 31st.  Carol & Charley Haggans, and their two children Vanessa & Sam, along with Robert Lydic, Andree DuPont, and David Pillmore on June 7th.  Their New Member certificates are the last to be signed by Rev. Howell K. Lind.  We are very pleased that you have joined us.

Random thoughts:  There is a bit of history which may or may not, be in our Archives, but remains in the memories of those involved.   Three weeks after Rev. Stan Stefancic arrived as our Interim Minister in 1994, the Board’s ExCom (VP Paul Reiderer, Treas. Larry Metzroth and Moi as President)  had to tell him that we were approximately $18,000 “in the hole” for the upcoming Church year, with no reserves!  This was enough justification for Stan to have “picked up his marbles” and left.

Instead, his response was; “So we will just have to start talking about money, and what this congregation can do!”  It was the first time in many years that the congregation became openly involved in financial discussions.  The Board “asked” directly from the pulpit — and the congregation responded!  We finished that year, nearly in the “black”. We were also proud that all of our obligations to the previous Minister had been completely satisfied, during that year.

I am so pleased that our current Leadership was as “forthcoming” about our current situation, as they were at the Annual Meeting on June 7th.  This time we have some reserves, but the serious discussion about how this Church moves forward, and the resources required to accomplish our goals, still needs to occur.

We’ve done it before and I believe we will be successful again! Working side by side, and together we are creating the UUCB that I was dreaming of, back in 1993.

Finally, my personal thanks to everyone who contributed time, money, decorations, food and the gifts, as we recognized the end of Rev. Howell K. Lind’s eight years of  Developmental Ministry with us, on Sunday, June 14th.  He was pleased and impressed!

With Love & Care


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