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Climate Action Ministry Teams with Citizen’s Climate Lobby

UUCB Members Travel to D.C. to Lobby for a Solution to Climate Change In late June, UUCB members Susan Riederer, Tom Denkenberger and Susan Secord were part of a 35-member delegation from Colorado (including 12 from Boulder) that traveled to Washington, D.C., to lobby our members of Congress for a solution to climate change. They joined with over 900 other Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers from across the U.S. who visited with over 500 congressional offices to discuss the CCL carbon fee and dividend legislative proposal. The Colorado delegation met with every Colorado congressional office, including face-to-face meetings with Senator Bennet and Representative Polis. According to the CCL report summarizing the 2015 meetings: “We found that the conversation on the Hill around climate change has shifted in ALL offices toward serious discussion of solutions. In many of those offices, Republican and Democrat alike, Carbon Fee and Dividend is emerging as an idea whose time has come.”

The CCL philosophy of political engagement aligns with our UU first principal of respect for the worth and dignity of all human beings. The basis of our CCL work begins with building respectful relationships with our Members of Congress. During our meetings, we always start by appreciating our Member of Congress for something they have accomplished, and we then work to find common ground as we engage in discussions about our proposal.

To give you a sense of perspective about the growth and impact of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the organization began lobbying Congress 6 years ago. At that time, there were 24 volunteers who went to DC. Three years ago there were about 350 CCL volunteers; last year there were 600 of us, including just 7 from Colorado. This year we were 900+. There are now ten CCL chapters in Colorado, with at least one in every congressional district. If you would like to join us in working for a solution to climate change, please contact Susan Secord ( or Susan Riederer ( We hold our Boulder CCL chapter monthly meetings in the evening here at UUCB. Our next meeting is on August 5


Over 900 CCL volunteers gather for a photo before heading out to meet with their Members of Congress.


Meeting with BennetColorado CCL volunteers – including several from Boulder — meet with Senator Bennet.




Polis MeetingTom, Susan, Susan and other Boulder CCL members wait for their meeting with Representative Polis.

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