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Membership Matters – Barb Richards

BarbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Tessa Davis and family, as she again faces Cancer by meeting it head on.  She and Alan enjoyed a planned trip to Alaska before her upcoming surgery. Karen Morgan who is with her Mother, home from the hospital, and receiving home Hospice.  Former member and longtime friend of UUCB June Howard died on July 5th.  A memorial will be held on August 22nd at the Boulderado. Becky Palmer and family, on the death of her Mother Margaret Beebe in Indiana last month at the age of 100. Mary Dineen and family, on the death of her Mother, Rosemary Dineen, last month.  Mary sent word that her Mother “is dancing with the angels”.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Susan and John Lemp who celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary, July 12th. They started the day by attending church.  Pete Palmer and Janet Klemperer were married on July 15th.  To the Families that have greeted during this past Church School season.  You made a difference, and I am so appreciative.  My heartfelt Thanks to all these families (they may or may not choose to continue in the Fall) Hughes, Martin, Raschke, Rowe/Wheeless and Weinstein!

Random Thoughts:  We enjoyed yet another great time at our annual UUA General Assembly working as volunteers in the Volunteer Office.  It is always the same, but always different as we have different “bosses”, and meet local and visiting volunteers.  To say that this year was the same is far from the truth as the running joke always was…”oh yes that was on the pallet”.  It is amazing what we can do without, or re-create, as we made do.  The handmade stand in it’s own carrier for our beautiful flaming chalice used at all events — gone, 250+ volunteer Portland green T-shirts — gone (on Monday they went to all the Dollar Stores, in Portland and purchased red and blue bandannas) which we wore, instead of T-shirts when we were “working”.  UUA forms and supplies — gone, all the supplies for the Volunteer Office — gone, Usher vests — gone.  This is just a very small example of what was missing. The pallet was lost in a huge warehouse in Columbus OH, and my theory was that they knew we would be there next year anyway, June 2016.  Powers-that-be felt that it would probably never appear, but first time GA attendees did not miss anything — as the experience, as always, happened, and it was awesome!

We, as UU’s have an incredible amount of power.  Evidently the Planning Committee negotiated with the Portland Convention center to eliminate all the paper dispensers for drying hands while we were there, and they put in the electric high powered hand machines.  Fred said the paper dispenser maybe were back the day after we left, but they were NOT available while we were there!!!

Also some of the regular ribbons did not make it — Delegate, Volunteer, etc, but newly printed ones (for this year) did, so we brought home a large supply of Breakthrough Congregation ribbons for our Church, signifying the honor we received last fall. They will be available at the Greeter’s Table on Sunday mornings until they are gone.  And finally I was interviewed by UU World Editor, Christopher Walton –in a short video about my volunteer charm bracelet, which can be found on the UU World Facebook page for June 27th.

Enjoy the rest of your summer — travel easy, collect your small vial of water, and return again!! Meanwhile we will be open, and welcoming all who walk through our doors as we continue to be a year-around Church.

With Love & Care,


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