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Membership Matters – Barb Richards

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Tessa Davis, who is home and recovering from her recent surgery.  She was in church on August 16th for Rev. Kelly Dignan’s first Sunday as our settled minister!  Tessa & Alan will enjoy some down time before she starts six months of chemotherapy. Karen Morgan is back for awhile from Madison, WI where she has been looking after her mother who is bedridden, age 94, and in Hospice.  Karen reports,  “Currently family has all been pitching in as good families do”!  Evan Masterson broke both bones in his forearm and had restorative surgery last month.  Shirley Bulla who had a short stay in the hospital last month, and who is now “rehabbing” at home.  Also with Diana Maiden and Jenny Fitt-Peaster who are preparing for surgeries this month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Auturo Hernadez Garcia whose deportation order was vacated after living for nine months in Sanctuary at First Unitarian Society in Denver.  A joyful day of celebration.  While dealing with Tessa’s cancer diagnosis, Alan Davis received the great news that he has been granted a Full Professorship at UC-Denver!  Eileen Sammell’s son Alex was married the first weekend in August.  After a year of sticking close to home, several members of the Search Committee have spread their wings across the water — Sharon Belew to Sweden, Jenny Fitt-Peaster to Norway, Diana Maiden to Scotland and England, and Jim Rowe to Africa.

Random Thoughts:  Last month Fred and I needed to attend a memorial service right after church, and we left quickly.  Judith knew that we would come back afterwards to clean up after coffee, if needed.  To our pleasant surprise on our return, everything was ship shape.  Our very special thanks goes to Susan Secord, Deb Hoff, Ginny Black and Kai Monk-McKenzie.  Lately it has been harder to recruit clean-up help, and yet to me — if  everyone took a turn — it would not be a burden for anyone.  Everyone seems to totally enjoy coffee and “crumpets”, but also seem blind to what else needs to be done before they leave.  

Please — Sign up today on the sheet that is on the office counter!

We always have UU visitors in the summer time, but August 9th was unusual.  We had visitors from Dallas, Hawaii, and Cheyenne.  Also two new couples who have just moved to Boulder from Arkansas and Virginia.  It is a good thing that we keep our doors open — year around!

With Love & Care, Barb

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