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Membership Matters Barbara Richards

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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Steve Daudt who had major oral surgery last month to remove a non-cancerous tumor.  The doctors have been amazed at his recovery, just as we were we when he appeared at Church the next Sunday!  To Jim and Adrienne Hester as Jim is back in the hospital with an e-coli infection.  He would appreciate funny get well cards.  They continue to run further tests on him.  Jim Hunter, husband of Judy Hunter, is recovering from gall bladder surgery which he had last month. Diana Maiden is happy to be home recovering from knee surgery, and would welcome calls & visits.  Wonderful surprise when she attended church on September 20!  Deborah Berioli is happy to report that she celebrated the six month anniversary since her liver transplant and all is well!!  Barbara Molfese and family as her husband, and member, John died last month after a long and courageous battle with cancer. We honored him with a celebration of his life on September 20th.  Barbara’s Mother died two weeks before John; so she was heading to Massachusetts on September 22nd to celebrate her Mother’s life.  Continue to keep Tessa Davis in your thoughts as she has started her six month journey with chemo.  Her attitude is awesome which is what it takes!  Jenny Fitt-Peaster is recovering at home, from her recent surgery, but attended John Molfese’s Memorial Service.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Our own Emily Conger and Ted Burnham as they joyfully announced their engagement last month.  Nina Peterson is happy to have both of her children, who grew up at UUCB, living on one continent (except its not this one) Europe here she comes! Jason English turned the big 40 last month. Fox Martin gets to use his passion and gifts, from our choir to his school (Eisenhower) where he was selected for their elite singing group,  Fraternico!  A very special Thank You to Phil Whitmeyer and his team, for the many hours that were spent in supervising the installation of our new, fully insulated, Church roof.  We are now one huge step closer to becoming certified as a Green Sanctuary.  Did you know that this is the second time in the building’s history that the roof has been replaced, as the result of a hail storm?  We also said, “welcome” to the Fall Equinox.

Random Thoughts:  On September 13th Fred was Worship leader, so I was greeting alone.  I was swamped greeting all of our wonderful recent visitors.  Jim Rowe & Whitney Wheeless were greeting at the front door when Jim asked if Eliot could help me.  I said YES, and my special thanks to Eliot Rowe (13) as he did a great job meeting and greeting as well as assisting with name tags.

Little known fact — Fred grew up in Idaho Springs where his family ran a mountain resort, that they built entirely themselves.  About the same time, my parents purchased a hotel in Manitou Springs where we lived six months out of the year.  What do we have in common?  We both can make a perfect bed, not using fitted sheets — “its like riding a bicycle!”   At the All-Church Retreat, in August, as we both made up our beds we laughed at the memory it brought back for both of us.  What a splendid event!  The retreat planning team did an excellent job — Thank you all.    

With Love & Care, Barb

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