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Membership Matters by Barbara Richards

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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Jim & Adrienne Hester as they deal with his pancreatic cancer diagnosis.  He now has home Hospice, but is committed to finishing a book he is currently writing!  Theresa Koenke Diaz was dealt a full plate last month with three family deaths, and her mother’s cancer diagnosis.  Mary Dineen’s mother, Rosemary Dineen whose birthday was October 23th. She would have been 83 on that day last month.  New regular attendee, Kyle Ciesla, was hospitalized last month. I understand that Tessa Davis has a great name for the chemo-therapy she is receiving — staying positive, she calls it “Hope-Therapy”.  I love it.  Fred and I had the pleasure of spending time with Ken Ogren, former member, over lunch at his former digs, The Academy, where he lived until he moved to California.  We last saw him with his daughter Jan & husband Dean in Providence RI where he attended his first GA.  a few months ago Ken had a stroke, and now at age 96 you would never know it except he can no longer see you on his left side.  He is still hiking daily and is truly an energizer bunny.  He could not join the tour to see what’s new at UUCB because he had a bridge date at 2:00.  Jan and Dean were impressed with how we look.  She was in our pulpit a couple of times over eight years ago.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Debbie Davis attended her nieces wedding last month in South Carolina.  She was so excited as it was their first trip there, and she was going for two weeks — I only hope she was not stranded on some church roof top — as it was the same weeks the weather and water descended.  Alex Mazzola who headed up the Young Adults Sunday morning coffee set up/clean up several months ago, and has done a splendid job — sometimes singlehandedly.  We thank you for your service, but sadly for us, happy for him as last month he moved to Seattle WA with his current company.  With Kyle gone and unable to do coffee hour clean-up twoSunday’s in October thanks to Kendall Richards, Fred Cole, Alex Mazzola, Caitlin Moore & Ellen Lilley.  The secondSunday thanks go to Diane Gollnick, Kendall Richards, Heather Ogren, George Wolf  & Neal DiMuccio.  Seriously if we ALL pitch in it would NOT be a big job for anyone!  To Bud and Nancy Spear who received an offer on their home in Green Valley, AZ, closing Dec. 1st.

Special Welcome to New Members:  We are so pleased you have joined us on your own spiritual UU path. Katrina Bossert, Susan Conceicao, Philip Ogren & Akane Orlandella, and their beautiful blended family, Connie & Jerry Pearson, returning Nina Peterson, and Bud & Nancy Spear.

Random Thoughts:  Hippa/Smippa read what you want or not.  It is a good thing to wake up, and not find your name in the obits.  Last month I went to the ER at BCH, our first at the new hospital, with what were the shakes, and a temp of 102. at first they thought I had pneumonia, but later after every test available it was a UTI, and early sepsis.  In 2003 I was comatose, and in Septic shock for five days because of Sepsis. The kidney doctor told Fred people die from this, but it was not to be.  Fred says it is my hearty peasant stock. Spent two nights and three days as they monitored me and they filled me with strong antibiotics.  Came home with a prescription of even stronger antibiotics, so much so that after reading the do’s & don’t I called our doctor to make sure it was OK to take.  The eight day regime almost has taken me out – whew. I’m convinced without the work I have down with my trainer, George, there would have been no strength! Important as we age.  I appreciate all the good wishes, energy and love that has come fromYOU, and look forward to being back as soon as possible.  I miss you too.

Ah the smell of pumpkin is everywhere with the holiday season kicking into full gear — Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.  Be safe and stay well.  

With Love & Care, Barb


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