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Please submit ENDOWMENT PROPOSALS by January 31

The Endowment Committee is accepting grant proposals through Friday Jan. 31, 2014 for the UUCB church year of 2014-2015.  Proposals will be evaluated by the Endowment Trustees, with their recommendations for funding reviewed by the UUCB Board.Grants will be announced in May, with funds to be used in the church’s new fiscal year (starting 7/01/2014).

The Endowment Committee invites you to apply for a grant in support of a meaningful project.

The Endowment Fund has been created with donations from UUCB members and friends. In the past church year, the Endowment has contributed over $14,000 to projects not covered in the UUCB Annual Budget. Per our charter, approximately 75% of this money goes to Building and Grounds-related Projects, with the remaining 25% to Social Justice and Community Outreach projects.

*  Building and Grounds Projects have included grants for solar panels, new playground and energy upgrades.

*  Social Justice and Community Outreach Projects have included grants for the Sunday Forum Program, PRISM, development of new UU congregations, etc.

For more information about the Endowment Fund, or on how to submit a proposal, please contact the Church Administrator or a committee trustee (Peter Holt, Eileen Sammells or Bill Belew). Proposal forms are available at the church office.

Many contributors to the Endowment Fund have had the pleasure of seeing programs and improvements that were made possible only due to their generous gifts.

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