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Membership Matters October 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors 

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Ellen & Don Lilley’s daughter-in-law Laura fell off her bike, last month, and broke her ankle.  Mamta & Chris Saxman shared that Mamta’s younger brother; Milan Shah drowned Sunday, September 1st.  He was only 37 years old and leaves behind a 5 and 2 year old.  They would like your prayers and thoughts for his family.  Mary Gray – long-time UUCB member is in Hospice care, at home, sleeping most of the time.  As we were out of town I do not know how many of YOU were effected by the floods, but we wish you a speedy return to life as you knew it before.  More about those affected by the floods next month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Ellen & Don Lilley’s Granddaughter Ashley got married last month.  Amy Self got a great job teaching elementary music in Adams 12 school district!!  Marjory Walker and Howard Lambert celebrated 50 years of marriage on August 31st.  To all that came and helped dry up our Sanctuary we are grateful.  Your quick response was wonderful, and there was little evidence that anything had occurred by the time regular Services were held on Sunday Sept. 15th.

Kay Stevens who has been our Hospitality Minstry Coordinator for over a year we say YOU are a Star! Thanks really does not cover what she has done to keep UUCB humming!!  She has passed the reins over to me, Barb, but she will continue to recruit and train people to do sound/video on Sundays and for special events. There is a sign-up sheet on the office counter every Sunday for ushers, coffee set-up & clean-up, and greeters, please make it easy for all of us, by adding your name to this list of important jobs.  To all who have said Yes to me already (since I have been out of town twice in less than a month) I am grateful and I say THANK YOU.

Random Thoughts:  It is always a joy when Irene Faivre returns to visit from Illinois.  On her recent visit she was filled with the excitement that she felt during the service and especially in the coffee hour.  Six of us, including Moi, had the pleasure of serving on the Search Committee for a year, meeting weekly, with her before recommending Rev. Howell Lind to the Board of Trustees as our choice to move us forward.  She is now in a church that has grown stagnate under the leadership of a Minister who has been there for 22 years, and a congregation that is willing to settle for what is safe and comfortable.  She dreams of a Consulting Minister.  What we continue and have accomplished here at UUCB is beyond remarkable, and we have become a UUA “poster child”!  Change is hard, but easier when done together!  We are not yet done asking ourselves; What’s next?


With Love & Care,


Membership Matters–September 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitorsOur thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  My 99 year old Aunt Ruth died the end of July.  She was the last of eight.  My generation takes over, and we had all hoped that she would have made it to 100!  Our Grandmother, her mother, made it to 104 and was sharp until the end.  Someone, at church, told me “you’ll be around for awhile” — hopefully, but on my Dad’s side they all died by fifty except for one.  Mary Grey is back in Hospice care.  Daphne Lewin was in the hospital, last month, with a small stroke.  If you did not get a card to her I’m sure she would still enjoy them, but better yet we were able to hug on her Sunday, August 18th, and she was doing well.  A funeral was held on August 9th for Maria Frances Rodriguez — killed in the casino bus crash last month.  She was the first person “companioned” by our Immigration Ministry.  Sue Masterson’s dear college friend, Eric Johnson, from Kansas ended up in the hospital with a broken hip socket, and two broken wrists after trying his skills at the new Valmont bike park.  He and his family arrived one day before his mishap for their vacation. Thus, Mary Dineen has been taking care of two extra teenage boys, along with Elliot & Evan.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Ed Self for receiving the 2013 Pace Setter Award for the Environment, awarded by the Daily Camera.  Last month on August 3rd it was Happy 15th Birthday to Kerry Guttierez, daughter of Mercedes, who helps out in the nursery.  Betty Skipp and Jean LaDue, after over 30 years together, were married last month in Washington state, and are very excited and pleased.  Thanks to everyone who turned out to help with laying the flagstone patio next to our playground.  After an unexpected encounter with a large chunk of buried concrete, much progress was made, but there is still more to do before the snow flies.


Random Thoughts:  September starts an exciting time as we welcome our new Director of Religious Education, Janen Wright.  In the 70’s I was DRE at First Universalist Church. I have grounded reasons for supporting your children to attend Sunday morning as often as they are available.  I remember when Eileen Tobin & Steve Lubbs’ twin daughters were ready for the Ninth Grade Trip, and they said no they did not want to participate.  I talked to both of them and asked that they go to classes and events for a minimum of three times.  They did, and they were hooked, and had a great experience.  Allie went on to be involved in MDD (Mountain Desert District) events, and also an officer at the national UUA level.  I feel we owe it to our children to give them our UU values and beliefs as a basis before they make their own decisions, and that takes your support as parents.  On Sunday’s we teach our youth how to make decisions as well.


With Love & Care, Barb

Membership Matters–August 2013

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  The families of Gene Rossman, who passed away in January.  He was a friend of the Church, and life partner of Marsha Perlman.   Fred Cole asked that we please observe a moment of respect for the Granite Mountain Hotshots, their families and all the other fire fighters, working throughout the West.  When this tragedy occurred, Fred’s son Brandon was with another Level 1 team (from Oregon) working the West Fork complex, near Pagosa Springs.  Sharon Daudt’s 8 month old nephew has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  We acknowledge the passing of a former member, Rosemary (Ro) Bolen.  Speedy recovery to Jenny Fitt-Peaster who is recovering from surgery last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings and Thanks to:  Barbara Molfese’s Cousin, Vera Backstrom, who married her partner, Dotty Armstrong at a UCC church in Seattle on June 23rd.  Our SUPER Young Adults thanked George Brandon, Eileen Sammells, Dianne Ewing and Laurie Duncan for making sure they were all well fed and cared for the weekend of their Young Adult Retreat held at the church.  To Lisa Phillips for the beautiful music she brought us.  Emily Valerio has a new job with Denver Public Schools as a school Librarian/Kinder Teacher.  To Caitlin Moore and Will Kropp for covering the Greeters Table last month when we were putting David’s three children on the plane for 4 weeks on Vashon Island.  Fred Cole and Barb Richards paid off their mortgage last month!

barbRandom Thoughts:  Have you noticed all of the visitors who started flowing in our doors last month, just as Howell predicted they would?  Many of these people are UU’s who are moving to Boulder, or other folks who are “church shopping”, during the summer.  Please join the Membership Council in offering radical hospitality to them.  Every Sunday — make a vow to yourself that you will also welcome and chat with someone new.  Our visitors are great, and many have interesting stories to share. 

A former member of Membership Council asked to come back because, “…your committee is the most fun, while still getting the necessary work done!”  My hope would be that all of our boards, councils and committees take time to enjoy being together.  I also hope that we will continue to live up to our reputation!  It is our UU New Year so let’s make it happen!

With Love and Care, Barb

Membership Matters July 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: To the family of  Dr. Glenn Appelt, a former member, who died last month.  Sally and Tom Rickert as they continue to struggle with ill health.  Sally would love to hear from you.  Julie Wheeless, sister of Whitney, who had back surgery because of carrying her twin sons.  Justin Butterworth whose grandmother, Lee Slarey, was in the hospital because of severe internal bleeding.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  In May, Rev. Nancy Bowen performed a Union Ceremony for Gretchen Haley and Cari Ratazzi.  With joy, Janet Kern and George Wolf attended their daughter Carina’s graduation from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (Seattle) where she received her doctorate.  An additional joy is that Carina was offered – and has accepted, a full time pharmacist position in the Boston area.  Suzy Belmont was elected the new Chair of the Young Adult Leadership Committee.  Steve & Ingrid Parker celebrated their six year anniversary on June 2nd.  Rebekka Struik’s granddaughter, Kenny Ludlow, graduated from Oberlin College on May 27th.  John Cuddington drove himself to church on June 6th after getting his drivers license back on Friday!  Several members of the Immigration Ministry were present to witness the graduation of Kelly Dignan and Amy Rowland from the Iliff School of Ministry on June 5th.  We sang Happy Birthday to Kay Stevens whose birthday was Sunday June 9th.  Special thanks, again, to Steve and Ingrid Parker for greeting while Fred and Moi were at UUA General assembly.

Random Thoughts:  Those of us that are “long of tooth” or have gray hair have had to learn about Right Relationships, and Staying at the Table when there is a church crisis.  I know this is hard to do, and takes work.  I am refereeing to Lisa Phillips no longer being our Music Director.  There are probably factors involved which should not be announced from the Pulpit.  These are matters for the Personnel Committee, the Minister, and the Board — and not the entire Congregation, or even the Choir.  Fortunately in 1993, as President, I learned that I was an “Institutional UU”, which meant that I wanted UUCB’s doors to remain open for those to come in the future.  If we had not worked so hard to become a Healthy Congregation, we would not be where we are today.  Please stay and work with us for what is to come!

General Assembly was great.  An overwhelming amount of information is available “on-line” at  Of particular interest is the Moderator’s Report, delivered during Plenary IX — check it out!  Kelly Dignan received her Preliminary Ministerial Fellowship at the ceremony held during the Service of the Living Tradition (we cheered for her).  The Assembly easily passed the UU Statement of Conscience — Immigration as a Moral Issue after very little debate.  Fred and Moi had a hand in crafting the final text of this document.  It is always a pleasure for us to catch up with our many UU friends, and to be part of GA as Volunteers.

With Love & Care, Barb

Membership Matters — June

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Laurie Duncan who is still dealing with the infection in her shoulder.  We miss your laughter and YOU!  We had a time of quiet as we remembered the people of Boston, and the Texas fire saying it had been a hard week.  Emily Valerio’s dear friend, Maria Rodales was killed Sunday, May 12, by her estranged husband.  Justin Butterworth’s great uncle Bill died last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Carol Saunders and Reed Bailey’s granddaughter, Erin, graduated from the University of Northern Arizona.  Becky & Jerry Palmer’s daughter, Stephanie Palmer was married March 29th in Boulder, to Dane LeBlanc.  Last month they helped them move to Portland Maine, where Stephanie will study at the University of New England to become a Physician Assistant.  My special thanks to Ingrid & Steve Parker who “personed” the Greeter’s table while we were in California.  Will Kropp was elected to be the MDD (Mountain Desert District) Treasurer, and is now a member of the Board of Trustees.  April 30th at 11:30 p.m., found Fred & I at the County Clerk’s office supporting Mary Dineen and Sue Masterson who were twelfth in line, to receive their Civil Union Certificate.  The excitement and energy in the building that night (in spite of pouring rain) with both couples and allies about took the roof off!  The following Sunday, Betty Skipp and Jean LaDue had a Union Ceremony before church at UUCB with Rev. Lind officiating and witness’ Ellen Lilly and Fred Cole.

A special Thank You goes out to the 45 members and friends who rode the “Big White Bus” to Aurora (and to the 4 others who joined us there) — to participate in a Vigil in front of the ICE “Processing Center” on May 6th!  This All-Church Social Change event was sponsored by UUCB’s Immigration Ministry.  It was particularly pleasing to have whole families involved (7 children attended).  In total nearly 80 people gathered at 30th and Peoria, making this the largest crowd that has ever assembled.  Rev, Howell Lind provided the appropriate spiritual context for what we were doing — and the evening was a total success!  Kudos too, to the members of the Immigration Ministry who planned and coordinated this activity.  Once again, UUCB has shown what can be done!

Random Thoughts: Fred came across this quote recently, “Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!” — Anon.  Your YES is always appreciated when asked, and your offer, without being asked, is a real blessing!

Fred, Jenny Fitt-Peaster, Rev. Howell Lind and Moi attended MDD’s first Pacific Western Regional meeting in San Jose, CA.  The theme was Big Faith – No Borders which was attended by nearly 700 UU’s from our four combined Districts.  It was well done, and well received.  Stan & Marianne Stefancic came from San Rafael for the Sunday morning service, and took us back to Marin County where we spent time touring, eating and just enjoying being together.  Stan joined us for breakfast before taking us to the San Francisco airport on Monday.

With Love & Care, Barb

Membership Matters May 2013


We honor Members, Friends , Visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Judith Hunter who joined the “Socket Sisters” & “Brothers” auxillary, last month, by having a knee replacement.  We are glad to have Jim Hester out of the hospital, and back home in Boulder.  Adrienne (always intrepid) drove their car back by herself, from Las Cruces, NM, because Jim had to be flown back to Denver.  Our best will always be with Jonathan and Hayden Williamson, as they embark on their new life adventures — Their new home address: 13 Duck Pond Rd, Camden ME  04843.  Their E-addresses remain the same.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Recently Josie Heath was selected as this year’s Woman of Achievement by the Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County.  Senator Rollie Heath has certainly been active, helping to pass legislation “near and dear” to our justice efforts: the Civil Unions bill which puts Colorado in a leading position nationally; ASSETS which gives our undocumented youth the ability to receive in-state tuition; the Law Enforcement Trust Act, which frees the hands of our local authorities; and for all of the Gun control efforts which have gone forward.  From the Irelands, “We are so grateful to this church community and the support we had at the Cake Auction.  We feel so blessed”!  This year’s Ninth Grade Trip left on April 19th with Grace Ireland on board. Deb Hoff has a new granddaughter, Lyra Koa Wise who was born “at home” in New Jersey, on March 20th weighing 9# 2 oz.  Three-year-old, big brother Paxton, is enthusiastic — so far!  Virginia Jenkins, who has received a Counseling Internship, with the Denver  AIDS Project for the coming school year.  Jason English and Gen Morley who were approved to buy their first home!  Whitney Wheeless’ Sister Julie gave birth to twin sons: Leo Jaden and Oscar Levi Wheeless on April 1st.  Aunt Whitney, Uncle Jim Rowe, and cousins Eliot & Miles are all helping to care for them, and celebrate their arrival.  Julie assisted with our playground build last year. Steve Parker successfully defended his comprehensive exams!!  Now he is Steve Parker, A.B.D.


Welcome to our newest members who joined April 21, 2013:  David Archuletta, Susan Bailey, Timothy Bailey, Gail Fraser, Fern Levin, Catherine McIntyre, Eric McIntyre, Norm Metcalf, Barbara Taylor and John Taylor.  We are so pleased that you have choosen to become a part of our community!  Welcome again!


Random Thoughts:  On some Sunday mornings the “Quiet Room” in the back of our Hearth Room has parents with young babies trying to be part of the service through the speaker.  When we “cut through” this space, on our way to the Sky Room, or kitchen, it is very distracting for them.  Please be considerate and try to go “in-out”, via  the main doors of the Earth Room (our Ushers are there to assist).   


Sunday, April 14th I too was bursting with pride, as a “parent” (Fred and I have 300+ young women & men we claim as ours because of the Ninth Grade Trip experience we shared with them.) of Becky Martin who presented the service,“Indigo–The Color of Justice“.  It was her idea, and she worked with our young Unitarian Universalists — who were SUPER!  Thanks also to Lisa Phillips, Justin Butterworth, Grace Ireland, and Fred Cole who made it happen.  Yes, Becky is one of “mine” and she made me very proud!


With Love & Care, Barb

Membership Matters

We honor Members, Friends, and Visitors

Our Thoughts and Good Wishes continue to be with:

Laurie Duncan-McWethy, who is at home from the hospital, but is still facing treatment with an anti-biotic “drip” for up to six weeks.  This was due to complications from her previous shoulder surgery.  She is positive that no further surgery will be needed.  Paula Baase is doing great, and and is walking, with only a cane, as she recovers from bilateral knee replacement.  Please also keep Tom & Sally Rickert, and Vic & Ruth Barnard in your thoughts, as they face new challenges in their lives.


#Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Jonathan & Hayden Williamson who finally sold their home, in preparation for their move to Maine.  We wish our friends nothing but the best of everything — we will miss all that they have given to UUCB as they head off to a new life, with others in their caring family, and a new UU community.  The Colorado Legislature for finally passing the ASSETS bill, making everyone graduating from our public school system eligible for in-state tuition.  This is only fair!  Members of our community have worked hard for this, and also for the passage of the Civil Unions initiative, which also passed.  Justice is beginning to change its shape in our state — but there is still more work to be done!

The Ninth Grade Trip Cake Auction on March 17th was a “rousing success”!  Our community contributed over $2500 to this special program for our youth.  This year will be the 51st running of this “coming of age” event.  The success was achieved through the efforts of Anne McMullen, John Ireland, Debbie & Jeff Davis, and of course everyone who donated baked goods, and who bid upon them.  Can’t forget Grace Ireland our “tripper” for this year, and Bill Belew the auctioneer.


#Random Thoughts:  Probably more than you ever wanted to know, but I need to clarify something for the record.  Since my recent wrist surgery (which is recovering nicely) several people have commented that Fred “owes” me, since I helped him with his recovery from his hip replacement last year.  Nothing could be further from the truth, indeed it is I who “owe” him.  Last year is the first time he has ever been in hospital, since he was born.  On the other hand, he has seen me through a hysterectomy, a kidney stone that landed me in ICU, a knee replacement, and finally this wrist thing.  I will never be able to catch up to the very best care giving I have ever received!  Also do not forget the four years of almost daily visits to my Mom before she died.  A nurse at Boulder Manor once said, “We can’t believe he is a son-in-law — most sons are not as attentive.”  Fred’s kind and loving care, plus my being of “hearty pheasant stock” (his term for Moi) is the reason I am.  Do not, for a minute, fall for his curmudgeonly exterior!  Fred, thank you for being YOU!

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