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Images from Men’s Group Meeting

The UUCB Men’s Group meet at Don Lilly’s house for a special presentation by member Dr. Herman Sievering on Climate Change. Herman’s slide show discussed the causes for climate change using actual data sets of CO2, Temperature and sea rise, no predictive models were used.  Herm then went on to outline how Green Energy solutions could slow and stop human assisted climate change. We enjoyed getting to know a  number of visitors from the BVUUF church. Thanks again to host Don Lilly and our very own speaker Herm Sievering for an evening of fellowship, good food and enlightened discussion.men11 men10 men9 men8 men7 men6 men5 men4 men3 men2 men1

UUCB Men’s Group

The UUCB Men’s group has been active for over 35 years (historically, there are anecdotal references to a UUCB Men’s Group off and on since 1883 having started as a “Hunting Moon” group “to ensure a good hunt”). Purpose of the group is to provide fellowship and friendship to interested men of the church. They gather once a month at the church or a man’s house at 6 p.m. for Social/Happy Hour, followed by a Potluck from 7 to 7:45 pm  when the Talking stick is passed to let other men know what’s “coming up for us”. We sometimes go into pretty deep water with personal sharing, and at times we discuss a book we have read or movie we seen. Of course, it’s always OK to just “pass” the Talking Stick. We especially welcome those who haven’t been attending in some time as well as “newcomers” – it’s always good to catch up on your life story. The photo is of our April meeting. We hope to see you at our May meeting – Thursday, May 15 at James Thomas’ home – details forthcoming.

Jon Bondmens group

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