Boulder County Sanctuary Coalition Advocacy Organizer

This role reports NOT to Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, but instead, the Boulder County Sanctuary Coalition (BCSC). Apply by emailing Bob Norris: 

Please do not contact UU Church of Boulder office or staff. 

The BCSC is a group of faith organizations in the Boulder area committed to providing Sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation. This contract position will report to a member of the Coalition (Bob Norris) and the Sanctuary Guest (currently Ingrid Encalada LaTorre) and will be accountable to the Coalition as a whole. The current fiscal agent is the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder (UUCB), and payments will be issued from UUCB. Again, the role reports to the BCSC.

● Work with Sanctuary Guest to design and implement a campaign that leads to her freedom (see more details below**)
● With Guest, serve as single point of contact for attorneys, lawmakers, government officials
● Serve as single point of contact for ally groups including congregations of different religions and ethnicities
● Communicate with allies regularly about progress of the campaign
● Coordinate ally activities, including public actions
● Attend all Boulder County Sanctuary Coalition meetings
● Maintain relationship with Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition
● Create effective messaging about coalition and Sanctuary Guest
● Use media (write and distribute press releases) and use social media to further the campaign
● Represent a faith voice in these activities
● You can expect several committed volunteers to work with you as you request to implement tasks
● Only if time allows;
○ Recruit new sanctuary supporters and coalition members

● Ability to travel throughout the Denver/Boulder area to meet with legislators and other sanctuary and immigration leaders
● Fluent in both Spanish and English
● Excellent interpersonal skills – ability to build and maintain relationships with community members and clergy of different ethnicities and faiths
● Engaged in one’s own spiritual journey, comfortable in the language and life of faith, and open to a variety of religious experiences
● Passionate about social justice and immigrant justice
● Understanding of politics and policy – local and national
● Highly motivated and independent worker
● Desire to learn, grow and be challenged
● Problem solving skills
● Demonstrated effectiveness in outreach, networking, coalition building, and community organizing
● Experience with group facilitation
● Open to feedback

This is a 1099 independent contractor position with a one-year term. The organizer will be paid $18.50/hour for up to 918 hours in the year; average of 18 hours/week. Contractors are not employees and therefore not eligible for benefits.

To apply:
Please send cover letter, resume and three references to Bob Norris

Applications are due February 1. Interviews will be held week of February 11. Decision by February 19. Start date no later than February 25.

**Possible campaign components
● Continue the People’s Resolution campaign
● Work with attorneys to develop tactics specific to Ingrid’s case
● Identify key components of the campaigns: strengths, weaknesses, history, interests, resources, plans, vulnerabilities
● Identify supporters: strengths, weaknesses, history, interests, resources, plans
● Map our allies and the political environment, vulnerabilities, and power
● Web analysis of Opponents – look for opportunities for leverage, what we can bring new into the situation or relationship that is either a carrot or a stick. Focus more on their capabilities than intentions. Intentions change, but what can they really do?
● Leverage narratives of women in sanctuary.
● Collaborate with allies such as Motus Theater
● Public Participation – get people participating in small easy steps first that build success and confidence and keep people in motion
● Cultivate relationships with opponents and supporters: make requests
● Hold public actions


If you are interested in this position, or have questions, please contact Bob Norris