Circle Suppers Move to Second Saturdays!

Friends, from now on our Circle Supper pot luck meals will be on the second Saturday of most months! We will only cancel if there is an all-church event or other momentous reason. Usually Circle Suppers are pot luck evening meals in a UUCB home or in the summer in a park. The move is to avoid having two UUCB pot lucks two days in a row. Now that we have Community Evenings on the first Friday of the month, it is too much of a good thing to have the Circle Suppers on the following evening!
Saturday, January 14, we will have a Winter Comfort Food Circle Supper at the home of Dianne Ewing in Longmont at 6 p.m. Her space is small, so we have lined up a back-up host in Boulder, if we have an overflow amount of folks. Wear your warm winter sweaters, scarves, hats, and mittens, and we will take a picture of us ready for the cold weather! Sign up at UUCB or contact Dianne, 303-776-0227 or Her address and directions will be sent to those who sign up. Most months in 2023 are open for hosting. Let Dianne know if you want to host!