By-Laws Changes Underway – Information Meetings


  • A Bylaws Revision Task Force was convened over a year ago. Our purpose was to improve clarity, align with best practices for congregational governance, and ensure consistency with UUCB’s current governance practices. We’ve collected our proposed changes, gathered input from the Board and other leaders, and now we want to hear from you, the congregation!
  • Please join us – Ted Burnham, Bob Evans, Deb Hoff, Scharmin Dorostkar – to learn more and provide feedback.  You can check the details ahead of time in these two documents, the first shows the current language compared to the new, with the changes and relevant comments for each article and section, 2018 Proposed Bylaws Revisions (Side by Side View) and the second is the draft in its entirety without comments, “2018 Revised Bylaws DRAFT“. Call the office if you need help getting paper copies, or you can just come to an information meeting.
  • There will be two meetings, both after Sunday second services at 12:15 p.m., on April 22nd and May 6th – no extra food is involved.  If you have questions and cannot attend, please contact a member of the task force.
  • The finalized changes are expected to be up for a vote at the annual meeting in early June.