Meet Our New Members, Kristan Corwin and Helen Rose Germain!

New Members Kristan Corwin and Helen Rose Germain joined the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder on March 5 and March 12, 2023, respectively. It’s a joy to have you both with us! See their headshots and read their bios below:


Kristan Corwin grew up in western New York and went to school in Buffalo, NY (SUNY Buffalo)  and Boulder (Ph.D. Physics, Univ of Colorado 1999).  After a postdoc abroad (Paris, 2000-01), she returned to Boulder and met her husband, Brian Washburn.  She served on the faculty and in the administration of Kansas State University (2003-2019).  During that time, she and her husband married in a UU church in Buffalo. They later joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan (UUFM) and their son Logan was born (2010).  She joined the UUFM by first being invited to sing in the choir, and discovering a place where people were accepted for who they are, and did not have to profess belief in a particular idea to be valued and welcomed.  Her family moved to Boulder in 2019, where both Kristan and Brian have positions in a federal laboratory.  She is excited to join UUCB as we welcome a new Director of Religious Education.


Helen Rose “Rosie” Germain started attending services at UUCB in November 2022 and feels a strong resonance with the values and approach of the congregation. An L.A. native with interfaith parents, she was raised without religion but has always felt called toward it. She started out at 13 in a Wiccan tradition, has practiced magic for half of her life, and is undergoing training in an Alexandrian strain of ceremonial magic as well as Hellenistic astrology and energy healing, while also currently making her way through the Bible. Outside of religious studies, she is a junior at Naropa University, double-majoring in Creative Writing and Psychology with a focus in somatic psychology, aiming toward an eventual doctorate in the latter and working in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. She’s been writing songs for twenty years and her current goal is to write 1000 lyrics before she turns 30 (152 to go!). In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, and drawing.