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Ministerial Search Process

UUCB’s Ministerial Search Committee has been entrusted by the congregation with the important and sacred task of selecting a candidate to be our church’s next called minister. It is important to note that the Search Committee’s task is not to select the “best” minister; it is to select the minister who best fits UUCB.

The Unitarian Universalist Association provides extensive resources to support and facilitate the search process, including the Settlement Handbook which describes in great detail the milestones a successful Ministerial Search Committee will work toward and how best to achieve them. As we follow the steps outlined in that document, we will work in contact with our district executive, Rev. Nancy Bowen, and with the UUA Transitions Office.

In addition, there are several factors of this particular search that will modify the search process. UUCB is in a unique position as one of the first churches to successfully complete a Developmental Ministry, with the support and leadership of Rev. Howell Lind. Our church has been growing and changing with clear church goals in mind, and we will be searching for a minister who will embrace those goals.

To support us in finding a minister who will provide the best fit with UUCB and best support our developmental goals into the future, the UUA has offered us an Assisted Search. Ministerial candidates will be pre-screened by staff members at the UUA Transitions Office, who will use UUCB’s developmental goals and their own close knowledge of individual ministers’ strengths to help the Search Committee narrow down the list of applicants.

The Ministerial Search Committee’s work will take place over many months and many hundreds of hours. Throughout this process, we will solicit input from the congregation to help us understand the needs and preferences of the UUCB community. We are honored and excited to serve the congregation through this task.

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