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Openness & Confidentiality

Photo: Sharon Drummond

Photo: Sharon Drummond

Choosing a minister is a challenging and soulful process of discernment. To the extent possible, we will strive for transparency — and we also ask for your cooperation in understanding that some parts of the Search Committee’s work cannot take place in the open.

Members of the Search Committee may have sincere and deeply felt disagreements at various stages of the process, and we need to be able to build a safe and trusting space in which to air and resolve our differences. Through open and honest communication among ourselves we will be able to reach consensus on the best fit candidate for UUCB, and present our choice with a unified voice.

It is equally important that we keep the names of ministerial applicants confidential; releasing ministers’ names or identifying information can muddy the discernment process and can damage their relationships with their home congregations. We ask the congregation to practice patience and to refrain from prying into the details of the applicant review process until our final candidate is chosen and announced.

We are grateful for your trust and consideration throughout the search process.

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