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There are many dozens, even hundreds of tasks that must be completed during the work of a Ministerial Search Committee. Here are some of the major milestones and an approximate timeline of when they will be completed.

May 2014

  • Election: Search Committee (SC) slate nominated by LDC, elected by congregation

July – Sep 2014

  • Retreat: SC gathers to frame the work ahead, elect a chair, assign roles
  • Self-Study: SC develops survey, holds “Searchlight Gatherings” and other events to gather congregation’s input on needs and preferences for next minister

Sep – Oct 2014

  • Packet: SC compiles information (results of survey and Searchlight Gatherings, development goals, UUCB history, Boulder demographics, compensation package, etc.) for ministerial applicants

Nov 2014

  • Application for Minister: SC completes Application for Minister with UUA, finalizes packet

Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

  • Review Applications: SC (in collaboration w/ UUA Transitions Office) reviews applicant packets, begins discernment

Jan – Apr 2015

  • Interviews: SC interviews 3-4 candidates, conducts reference checks

Apr 2015

  • Candidate Selection: SC selects top choice, makes conditional offer of employment, conducts final reference checks and criminal background check
  • Negotiation: Board-selected negotiating team discusses compensation package with candidate
  • Announcement: Board announces candidacy

Apr – May 2015

  • Candidate Week: Candidate visits congregation, preaches two consecutive Sundays, meets with congregants and lay leadership
  • Call: At end of candidate week, congregation votes to call, minister accepts

Aug – Sep 2015

  • Ministry Begins
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