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Notes On Our Discernment

On April 5, 2015, your Ministerial Search Committee chose Rev. Kelly Dignan to be our Ministerial Candidate. The path to this decision has been long and soulful.

Since our election by the congregation last May, we have met almost every week and have collectively devoted thousands of hours to this discernment. We received a bounty of feedback from you through our Searchlight Gatherings and survey responses, which helped us to clarify the hopes, desires and needs of this congregation. And we were fortunate to have the assistance of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Transitions Office, which helped us narrow down the search — from 86 ministers seeking positions nationwide, to 21 who expressed interest in UUCB, to a short list of six that the Transitions Office felt deserved our deep scrutiny and consideration.

After a first round of reviews and interviews, our committee chose to meet with four pre-candidates. We got to know each of them intimately through weekends packed with in-depth interviews, informal mealtime conversations, and opportunities to demonstrate their ministerial talents in the pulpit. We also conducted extensive reference checks on each candidate. We were blessed to meet four incredibly strong ministers, any one of whom could have been successful in their own way here at UUCB — and that made the decision a very difficult one. After careful and heartfelt deliberation, your Ministerial Search Committee agreed that the skills and strengths our church is seeking in its next minister are best matched with the skills and strengths found in Rev. Dignan.

It has been an honor and a spiritual experience for each of us to serve the congregation through this search. We have learned so much about our church, about our faith, about ministry, and about one another. It is a bittersweet relief for us that our work as a Ministerial Search Committee will soon come to an end! Yet we know the work of the church is never done. We humbly offer our vision for the future of ministry at UUCB. Rev. Dignan’s success will depend on all of us working together to realize that vision.

It is now your turn to engage in deep and soulful discernment as you consider extending a call to ministry to Rev. Kelly Dignan.

Please see Calling Rev. Dignan as Our Settled Minister and the Candidate Week Schedule for more information.

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