Sanctuary Now Ministry News – March 2018

Ingrid has now been living in sanctuary in our church for over two months. During this time there has been few times of calm, with many unexpected events. We have responded as a church and with the Boulder County Sanctuary Coalition. According to Jennifer Piper, Director of the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, the “honeymoon period” is now over.

Here are some excerpts from a recent email Jennifer Piper sent: “I like to talk with the guest and the congregation about the “honeymoon”. Usually between month two and three there’s a point at which politeness on all sides finally falls away and we get real with each other about our limits. This is where our covenant comes in handy to remind each other what we committed to and whether we’re honoring that and what we need in order to get there. This is healthy and normal as long as we can get real at that point before concerns turn into resentments. On the hosting side this is usually “I can’t find a space to meet like I used to. Why are those sanctuary people always here?” or “the mess from that birthday party didn’t get cleaned up all the way” or “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with ____ parenting technique that I don’t agree with”. From the guest side it’s along the lines of “Why am I the last to know?” or “Do they have to practice choir right when my kid is trying to go to sleep?” or “I feel bad turning people away but sometimes I’m just tired”.

At times like this it is good to remember our purpose, “We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Colorado (UUCB), in accordance with the Seven Principles of our Unitarian Universalist Association and our mission of “Actively promoting Unitarian Universalist values here and in the wider world and sustaining these efforts through our culture of social justice and generosity”, hereby declare that when the opportunity arises UUCB will serve as a host sanctuary congregation.”

Our Sanctuary Ministry Core Team thanks the entire congregation for your continued support.

At this time there is only one local event scheduled in March.


Multi-faith Approaches to Immigration: A New Narrative

Monday, March 19, 2018, 6-8 pm

Immaculate Conception Church, 715 Cabrini Dr., Lafayette


As additional events are scheduled they will be announced in the midweek messenger.