Sunday Services 5/29: Play

9:00 in person only; 11:00 in person and online at our YouTube channel here.

As we enter summer, we look forward to a change of pace from our routine responsibilities. Yet, we may find ourselves working away, only to look up and find ourselves in September.
We live in a culture founded upon extreme values of the Puritan Separatists, whose unyielding work ethic was heightened to disturbing extremes by the industrial revolution. While our technology has evolved since then, our thinking largely has not—and is often further reinforced by our theology of achievement.
The spirit cares not of production nor profit margins; it seeks freedom, joy, connection, delight. Social science, pedagogy, and the children in our midst can teach us: what might be of the most lasting value—and even more productive—is play.
Preacher: guest speaker Rev. Teri Schwartz
Music: Deborah Berlioli and Ben Thompson
Worship Leader: Ray Knudson