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If you want to connect with more people at UUCB, try a Soul Matters small group. We meet twice a month for 6-8 meetings of 2 hours each. You will meet at UUCB with 5-7 others and listen to each member’s response to monthly topics like “The Path of Change” or “Nurturing Beauty”. Each month you will receive a packet of resources that stimulates your thoughts about the subject and helps you dive deeply into your response.

All groups are led by a trained facilitator who guides the members into a process of deep and disciplined listening and sharing. This circle of confidential sharing can become a resource for strengthening one’s relationship to self, to others, and to the world. Many people have joined a Soul Matters group more than once, because the experience can open the door to a greater understanding of our importance to each other.

New groups will begin in February or March and finish by the end of May. There will be at least one evening group and one daytime group offered. There is also a possibility of participating in a group on ZOOM if you cannot meet in person at UUCB. You can sign up at a table in the Sky room or online at our website.

If you want more information please email me:

Look for the Soul Matters table set up in the Sky Room after service on January 15th. There will be volunteers present to answer questions and to sign people up for Soul Matters groups which begin in February.