Speaker: Rev. David Schwartz

Blessing of the Animals

Celebrate the animals in your life! Bring your sociable, able-to-travel pets and critters to this outdoor service of appreciation for our non-human companions. It’s going to be a zoo!

Why We Need Critical Race Theory

We have the choice to face the reality of race in this country and the color line which divides us — or to bury our heads in the sand. How do we face the reality of our past and present without guilt and shame?

See No Stranger

Part memoire, part call to courageous love, Valarie Kaur’s “See No Stranger” — our congregational read this fall — invites us to see each other as parts of ourselves we do not yet know. What does it mean to take that simple, demanding invitation seriously?

How to Shop for a Church

When you’re looking for a church community, what are the things to pay attention to that suggest health, vitality, and welcome? Bring a bit of water from home or summer travels to share in our annual water ritual.

Services at 9:00am in-person only, and 11:00am in-person … read more.

Wellspring Service

10:00am in person and online at our YouTube channel here.

From September-June, our 9:00 Wellspring service is held in the Sky Room: it’s a less-formal, singing-heavy complement to our big 11:00am service. This Sunday, try it out as we hold a Wellspring service!

A Service of Lament

A spare, intimate service that faces plainly and without deflection the stark reality of suffering and the experience of hopelessness, ending in silence and darkness.

This service will be held in person only.

A Community of Gratitude

The practice of gratitude is essential for a well-lived life. How do we enter into this essential work as individuals and as a community?

Music By: Deborah Berlioli, Ben Thompson, and the Chancel Cats

Worship Leader: Laurel Seppala-Etra

Chalice Lighting: Jennifer Skiendzielewski

The 9:00am service is in person only, the … read more.

Living the Questions

In the first half of the service, post your theological questions, questions about Unitarian Universalism, and questions about David — and Rev. David will answer them in the sermon, on the spot!

Music By: Deborah Berlioli and Ben Thompson

Worship Leader: Tom Denkenwolf

Chalice Lighting: Kay Doggett

The 9:00am service is in … read more.

Emerging Strong Together

As we emerge from pandemic — slowly, haltingly, uncertainly — we gather together to share our strength and hope. On this Celebration Sunday launching our pledge drive, we look joyfully ahead.

Music By: Deborah Berlioli, Ben Thompson, and the Chanel Cats

Worship Leader: Diana Maiden

Chalice Lighting: Jim Rowe and Whitney … read more.

Welcome the Stranger

How to make a joyous space for the newcomer walking through our doors? We’ll also welcome our three new affiliated community ministers: Rev. Kristen Psaki, Rev. Jeremy Nickel, and Rev. Teri Schwartz.

Music By: Deborah Berioli

Worship Leader: Ray Knudson

Chalice Lighting: Tom Zanoni

Widening the Circle: Deep Listening

In our theologically plural church, our spiritual practice doesn’t merely tolerate different beliefs — we actively seek to be curious and listen deeply across lines of difference.

Music By: Deborah Berioli

Worship Leader: Sharon Belew

Chalice Lighting: John Cuddington

This service will be held on Zoom.

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