I love nature. Most of my limited free time is spent fishing and backpacking. This connection to nature has led me to volunteer for many environmental organizations over the years. But each experience left me unfulfilled. I was looking for a group that was grounded in love, and did work that could have a huge positive impact on the environment.

In the fall of 2012, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder formed the Climate Action Ministry: a group founded in love, based on UU principles, and dedicated to making a big difference locally and globally. I have loved working with this vibrant group as we meet once a month to promote environmental issues within the church and local community. I particularly enjoyed working on a subcommittee that led to our UUCB resolution to divest from fossil fuel investments.

Because of my involvement with the Climate Action Ministry, I was connected to the international environmental organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This group’s laser focus is to create the societal and political will to pass a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend policy, to put a price on carbon. This policy, if passed, would reduce carbon emissions more than any other proposed legislation, thus having the huge positive impact on the environment.

As a member of UUCB and the Climate Action Ministry, I have been connected to a great community that has helped me live well and enact climate justice. I am so grateful!