UUCB Stewardship Update

UUCB Stewardship: Really Great News! And Heartfelt Gratitude!

Our Legacy Giving Program was launched with an initial bequest in December, and here we are less than four months later with close to $900,000 bequeathed to UUCB! WOW!

Those bequests are to be matched with 10% cash through our Unitarian Universalist Association program; that’ll be close to $90,000 for our church in cash!

Thank you all for your sharing of your gifts to ensure the future strength of UUism in our community!

To make a Legacy Gift, designate UUCB as a beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance policy or bequest in your legal will. For more information please contact UUCBStewardship@gmail.com, or look at our UUCB weblink here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AFCBWgCcB3lIuVvIhJqQ-2trtCW3Q7YkvCsgoft0F_E/edit .