Week of Action

This week marks the anniversary of Ingrid being in Sanctuary for one year. She has organized a week of action and hopes all will participate!

The week of action started with a fantastic event organized and presented by Motus theater that provided the emotional stories of the four women who have been in Sanctuary in Colorado over the last year or so. This event (on Sunday October 13, 2018) was seen in person by approximately 160 people and many more around the country through the magic of live streaming.

On Monday October 14, 2018,  Ingrid and a few friends made a presentation on Facebook Live that has been viewed by over 1200 people.  The events of the week were summarized and the need to get more people to sign on to the People’s Resolution was discussed.  We are at 1800 and need to get to 5,000 supporters.


Tuesday, October 16 –  call your local representatives:

Capitol #

Senator Matt Jones                    303 866 5291

Senator Steve Fenberg              303 866 4872

KC Becker                                  303 866 2348

Mike Footes                                303 866 2920

Edie Hooton                                303 866 2915

Patrick Neville                             303 866 5523

Jonathon Singer                          303 866 2780

Here is a sample script: I am calling to ask you (Senator/Congressman   –) to support and endorse the Peoples Resolution that can be found at www.Peoplesresolution.org.  The resolution addresses the needs for federal action to create a path for thousands of Colorado residents like Ingrd Encalada Latorre to a permanent legal status.  This week marks one year that Ingrid has been living in the sanctuary of a church with her two children.  Our current laws do not include a path for Ingrid to apply for status in the US.  Unless changes are made she and other mothers will continue to face the possibility of deportation to Peru, a country she left when she was 17.  Please take action to allow Ingrid and her family to enjoy the freedom that everyone like her should enjoy.


Wednesday, October 17 – call your federal representatives

DC                          Colorado

Senator Michael Bennet                   202 224 5852               303 455 7600

Senator Cory Gardner                      202 224 5941                303 391 5777

Congressman Ken Buck                  202 225 4676                720 639 9165

Congressman Jared Polis                202 225 2161                303 484 9596

Here is a sample script:

Hello senator or representative _______   I am calling to ask that you work diligently to change our nation’s immigration laws so that people like Ingrid Encalada Latorre do not have to live in a church with their children in order to avoid separation from their family.

If you have not yet endorsed the people’s resolution please do so at www.peoplesresolution.org


Thursday, October 18, attend the Get out the Vote and one year anniversary of Ingrid in sanctuary event.  5:30 PM – 8:30 PM at UU Church of Boulder
at 5001 Pennsylvania Ave.  Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/516234275510905/


Friday, October 19 –  Call ICE Field Office Director Jeff Lynch and ask for relief for all undocumented immigrant mothers because families should/must be kept together.  This is a sentiment supported by 70 % of voters following the disastrous event at the border.

Call the field office number and ask for Mr. Lynch:  720 873 2899.