Congregational Care

At UU Church of Boulder, people care about you. There are four components to our Congregational Care Program:

  • Counsel and support provided by the minister
  • Pastoral Care Associates
  • Caring Ministry Team
  • Mutual Support

Pastoral Care Chart

The Minister

For church members, our Assistant Minister (secondministeruucb@gmail.com) provides short-term pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and crisis care. They may refer you to a Pastoral Care Associate or community resources. They officiate at weddings and memorial services for church members.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates (PCAs) extend the care of the church through a confidential, one-to-one deep listening ministry for those in specific need of spiritual support as they deal with major life changes.  Those life changes might include birth, adoption, loss of job, divorce, retirement, death of a family member or friend, follow-up after crisis intervention and counseling. PCAs offer a ministry of presence and support, not social conversation. They complete an application, attend a required training, and are commissioned by UUCB to serve for one year, with the option to extend that service by one year. Congregants are referred to PCAs by the minister. The PCA then meets with the referred congregant for no more than six to eight sessions, and maintains communication with the minister regarding the progress of the referral.  See bios of Pastoral Care Associates below. To contact the Assistant Minister, email secondministeruucb@gmail.com.

Caring Ministry Team

The purpose of the Caring Ministry Team is to support church members who have health concerns like illness or upcoming surgeries.  Services provided by the Caring Ministry Team include sending cards, making phone calls, visiting, providing transportation to medical appointments, providing meals if congregant is alone, making referrals to practical support services in Boulder, and assisting at UUCB member memorial services. The Caring Ministry Team meets in person monthly.

Culture of Mutual Support

As a caring community of faith, we offer support to each other in every interaction. More specifically, Affinity Groups and Covenant Groups are great ways to connect with others and receive support for the journey of life.

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For Ministerial Support or Pastoral Care Associates, contact

Rev. Dana Lightsey, Assistant Minister



For Caring Ministry Team, Affinity Groups, or Covenant Groups contact



Pastoral Care Associates

Pat Walters moved to Colorado in June, 2017, from Austin, Texas.  She was a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, where she was a Pastoral Care Associate, a former chair of the congregational care committee, and a member of the leadership development team. Pat has a Master’s of Education in Counseling and Development from George Mason University.  During her career, she was a high school teacher, a high school counselor, and an independent college admissions counselor.

Diana Maiden has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder since 1983.  She has been active in many areas of the church and also in leadership positions on the Board of Trustees, President of the Congregation and on the Ministerial Search Committee.  Diana has a masters in social work from Columbia University and was a professional mediator and health care analyst for both the state of Colorado and in the federal government prior to her retirement in 2015.  She is the mother of two adult daughters, loves to cook and exercise, reads just about anything and enjoys movies, travel and has a tendency to say ‘Yes’ to too much.

Christian Macy was born in Mt. Kisco, New York, and raised in an American/Brazilian Episcopal/Catholic household. He studied theater at NYU before deciding to move to Illinois where he received his Bachelors in Religious Studies from Bradley University. He then moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he received an MBA from Thunderbird and met his wife, LuAnne. After working for PetSmart corporate for several years, Christian, LuAnne, and Nathaniel (who had just been born) moved to Boulder. Sierra was born and Christian started and ran a business downtown for several years before returning to programming, which had always held a deep fascination for him. Christian recently started training as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher in a program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He strives to always bring a deep sense of presence, listening, insight, and a touch of humor.

Francesca Bini is a Registered Psychotherapist, End-of-Life Midwife, and Nature-Connected Coach who specializes in Life Transitions, Depression, Grief/Loss, and Trauma.

Originally from Milan, Italy, Francesca is currently completing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University and joined the UUCB in 2018. As a queer woman, a survivor of trauma, and an immigrant, she is passionate about supporting adults of all identities in healing past wounds and reconnecting to a sense of aliveness in their bodies and meaning in the face of challenges.

In her free time, Francesca likes to tend to her medicinal plants, volunteer for animal rights advocacy and wildlife rehabilitation groups, learn new things, and go on adventures with her wife Vanessa.

Sally Hall grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, spending summers at the Grand Canyon and in Boulder.  She earned her BFA at the University of Utah and her MFA at Washington State University. After moving to New York City, she worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for several years.  She married and is the mother of two boys, raised in Washington, D.C. and Boston, MA. She worked many years as a professional artist, exhibiting on the east coast, in Switzerland and at Grand Canyon National Park.  She lived in Sedona, AZ before rejoining family back in Colorado in 2015. Sally was raised in a Methodist family, later becoming a practicing Buddhist for 30 years. She joined UUCB in 2018. Sally works with seniors living in memory care and assisted living communities in Boulder.

Greg Rose is happy to have found the UUCB community after having moved to Boulder from Chicago in June, 2017.  While in Chicago he spent nearly thirty years in the corporate world, and then left that career to pursue a masters degree in theology.  Following his studies he was trained in the practice of Spiritual Companioning (also known as Spiritual Direction). Greg volunteers regularly with a LGBTQ youth group in Longmont, is on the leadership team of the Colorado School of Celtic Consciousness, and serves on the board of Renewal in the Wilderness.  Greg brings an attitude of gentle presence to his time spent with individuals who are in need of care.