Membership Matters – January 2023

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:
  • Justin Biegger and his family as his family, who made the hard decision to have him removed from life support, as he began failing from his cancer. Justin was our beloved former Religious Education Staff member working with our middle and high school youth.
  • Longtime former member Jane (Evans) Feland died December 11th from complications from Parkinson’s. Daughters Karla and Paula Whitaker grew up in UUCB.
  • Ginny Wight is still in rehab, but has moved to a new facility, Waneka Park Assisted Living, in Lafayette. She has her own furniture and is much more comfortable. Oh, she can now also receive phone calls.
  • Sharon & Bill Belew went to their garage only to find that their Chevrolet Volt was missing, on Dec 18th!
  • Jean LaDue shared that Betty had been in the hospital because of flu symptoms and low O2 levels, but was due back at home for Christmas.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:
  • If you missed our Sunday service on December 12/25/22, “Unboxing Day” by Rev. David Schwartz it is NOT to be missed.  Check it out on Youtube!  His creativity never ceases to amaze.  Several of us arrived in our PJ’s which added to the enjoyment of the morning.  Dianne Ewing, though out of town, set up the Christmas potluck brunch which Barbara Molfese and Catherine Marsh took over and was well attended.
  • Fred’s son Brandon and wife Amy came from Georgia to spend Christmas with us, which was most enjoyable.  Brandon wanted snow, and certainly got his wish.  They attended Christmas eve, and Sunday morning services with us, and totally loved both.
Correction from last month:  
  • Special welcome to New member, Alyse Downs.
Random Thoughts:
Some know, but in the interest of full disclosure the night of December 16th Fred took me to the ER due to pain symptoms that might have been heart.  We arrived at 9:30 pm and got home at 7 am the next day.  Not because of me, but only one doctor, and several serious emergencies.  That one doctor was ready to whisk me off to surgery to have my gallbladder removed.  Fortunately, he found a gallbladder specialist to come check me out, and her cooler head put the brakes on that diagnosis. During my stay, I had 3 CT Scans, two blood draws, and one UltraSound. This is NOT the best way to get a complete physical — but I’m pleased to report that my heart, lungs, pancreas, etc., and blood chemistry were all an A+!  For 9+ hours Fred sat by my side on a wooden folding chair with only a padded seat, and without his crossword puzzles!  When we left the hospital, Fred told them, “Next time I’m bringing a recliner, and my puzzle book!” Back home, I slept most of that day.  Dr. Susan Hagen, the gallbladder doctor called me the next day to see how I was doing.  No pain, and none since!  Because of the last CT Scan, she reported that I had a 2 cm mass on my left kidney, and that I would be hearing from our primary, Dr. Jennifer Christensen.  When we saw her, she had spoken with both the radiologist, and Dr. Hagen which impressed us.  Next stop was to see Dr. Fronczak, the urologist.  She wanted to see it for herself — so yesterday, the 27th, I had a more complete ultrasound at BCH — results unknown as of this writing.
Here’s to a Happy 2023, for ALL of us, without too many bumps & bruises.