Membership Matters

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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Amy Self’s sister who is ill. I’ve kept notes the past three Sunday’s and people are sending so much LOVE, each Sunday, to Tessa, Alan and their family. It is great to see you via Zoom and hearing your voice. I remember fondly in the 1970’s that we were flying to Salt Lake City for a Religious Education curriculum training for The Haunted House, and you were nauseous. Not airsick — just early pregnancy with what became oldest daughter Allison. At that time Tessa & Alan were members at 1st Unitarian, and I was at First Universalist. Laurel Seppala-Etra is concerned for her son who is on a submarine somewhere in the Pacific. Becky Palmer is concerned for her pregnant daughter. Nina Peterson, whose son Knell and his pregnant wife, who are living in Sweden. Kate Weinstein shares that Melanie’s health is doing well. All people effected by this Covid19 virus, and immigrants in detention. Rev. Eric remembered the famous musicians that we lost during March/April. Kendall Richards’ best friend, since Kindergarten, Mother, Jean Sanders died April 7th after living with ALS for the past three years with daughter Jackie taking care of her. All people who are on furlough including Laurel Seppala-Etra. Mary Clough’s sister passed peacefully. David Pitts is recovered from his lung biopsy but has an additional prognoses which was not planned on so being housebound is keeping him from getting out there to enjoy life, family, girl friend & travel while he is able.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: All of the health care providers, 1st responders, and grocery workers. Robin Miller & husband Helgi both have recovered from Covid19. Helgi was the second known case in Boulder County from the virus that he got while skiing. Rob & Patty Lydic both have also recovered, and were featured in a Daily Camera article. Rob’s story regarding his symptoms are easily a reason to stay home, wash your hands and wear a mask when you venture out!! Jack & Kay Daggett have a new home in Erie. Congrats — they have been working on that project since arriving at UUCB. Sue Masterson is celebrating 55 years on this planet, and we are glad too. Janet Salmon’s daughter had Covid19, but has now left 30 days in isolation. Susan Secord’s son earned his PhD, from Cornell University, during the third week of April. Because it was “on-line”, they were able to attend his dissertation defense (…understanding none of it!). Mary Jean Ewing was pleased with contributions given to the Sister Carmen Food Bank.
Random Thoughts:  Imagine my surprise seeing Tanya Wojak on Easter Sunday Zoom. I emailed her and immediately we re-connected. When Tanya & Doug joined; at their first Congregational Meeting, she volunteered to be on the Board (no one has ever done that). Eventually, after job loses they moved back to Illinois for work and to assist her aging father. When we did our beautiful playground build the two of them drove straight through, both directions, and spent the weekend helping with the build! They still have a home located between Lyons and Estes, and two different years Doug has come back to check on their property, always coming to church before he returns.  They have not yet found a UU home in IL that feels right for them. Having our Sunday morning available for them is filling an important need. The upside to our new normal is that UUCB is spreading the LOVE that we talk about, beyond Boulder County. We ARE walking our talk.
Fred and Moi certainly miss Sunday morning greeting, and realize that when we return some practices will need to be different, until we are all vaccinated.
Very Special Thanks goes out to our staff, Rev. Eric Posa, Rev. Dana Lightsey, Beth Elliot, Amy Szen, Debra Hammond, Amanda Williams and volunteers who are having our church Zoom right into our homes on Sunday morning, and also during the week! They are keeping us together. The Easter service was awesome, and the music with the choir was magnificent.  Our “granny” goes to Michael Dryburgh who “mixed” the sound that morning.
With Love & Care, Barb