Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Karen Morgan and her family on the recent death, from COVID, of her unvaxxed brother.  He was age 70, and died in Michigan.  Fred Ells who had a 150lb + mountain lion attack, and kill two of his sheep.  The family of Craig Williamson who died of a heart attack on October 5, 2021.  Craig grew up in UUCB, and was the son of Valerie and John.  Valerie was UUCB’s Director of Religious Education for several years.  He is survived by his two sisters, Anne and Dawn, and three children.  His wife Marlene died in recent years from cancer.  He was very involved with the former Ninth Grade Trip, and his family was very active at Jefferson UU Church in Golden.  Teri Schwartz is recovering nicely from recent hip replacement surgery.  Mary Dineen and Sue Masterson report that son Evan Masterson is recovering from major elbow surgery.  Dave Pitts shared that his daughter Jennifer’s, former husband, received a 43 year sentence for her death in Colorado Springs.  Mary Dineen asks for healing energy for the physical and emotional trauma her sister Connie, and her husband Greg experienced in a van accident in Iceland last month. Our best to Pam Leland as she travels to Minnesota to assist her mothers final transition.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Dorothy Ciarlo who has settled into her new home at Frasier Meadows.  Because of their sharing in the chat we know that Nancy & Bud Spear were finally able to cross the Northern border.  They celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (October 11) with their friends in Tidnish Bridge, Nova Scotia.  Ellen Snyder and Henry Kroll asked for stones to be placed for their safe travels, via car, to the East Coast to visit family members and dear friends.  They returned the end of October.  Beth Schmahl’s husband, Ed, celebrated his 80th birthday last month.

Special Welcome to New Members:  Kay & Jack Doggett, and Marco DeGaetano who became new members on Sunday, October 24th.  We are so pleased that you chose UUCB for your continued UU journey.  Kay & Jack were active members of the Beacon UU Congregation in Flagstaff, AZ before moving to CO to be closer to family.  Marco is a returning member of UUCB who was active in the 70’s, and started coming again when Rev. Dana Lightsey joined our staff.

Random Thoughts:  A beloved former staff member, David Powers age 36, that hardly any of you knew died in Delaware, OH, October 22 after a long and courageous journey with cancer.  Several of us had an enjoyable, and close relationship with Dave.  Rev. Dignan hired he and his partner Nick, co-owners of Gage Boulder.  Dave became our primary “fix-it” man working along side Tom Zanoni.  He was from a town nearby in Ohio, from where Susan & Tim Bailey lived. Of course he worked with Amy, Office Administrator, and Rev. Lightsey regarding their needed projects.  He was a great friend to Ingrid and the boys.  The Bailey’s, Chris Zanoni, and Moi came to know him well because of our “door sitting” shifts — when UUCB became a Sanctuary Church.  He also helped Diana Maiden, Fred, and others with their home repair projects.  If you were also a friend of Dave’s and were missed, in this note, I apologize.  At UUCB, in addition to regular repairs; Dave devised a way of hanging of our banner, in the front, so the wind would NOT destroy it, as previous banners had been.  Karen Morgan said how much she enjoyed working with Dave on the sign.  He created several new benches in the playground area; and carved a stone candle holder, as a gift to UUCB.  Look for it on the Chancel once we are back inside. We were unaware of his talents as a stone worker. His obituary will be hanging on our church bulletin board, which you can see when we return in person, or when you attend meetings.  We have missed him for months, but now we realize, sadly, that he will not return, but his spirit remains with us.

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, I had the great pleasure of being the Chalice Lighter, and to share stories about Rev. Emily Conger as we released her from her ministry to the Longmont Unitarian Universalist Presence (affectionally known as the LUUP).  Under her guidance LUUP has flourished, and become a viable faith community, serving Longmont.  Her ministry will continue with “Nourish: UU Dinner Consultants” in helping congregations around the continent, and assisting other religious professionals, and lay leaders to feel spiritually fed.  By the way, she and Ted Burnham are now parents to little Miss Lilly who is almost 3, and who will become a big sister next spring.

I lit our chalice in love and gratitude for the opportunity of being able to cultivate a friendship and relationship with Rev. Emily Conger, and her family, since she and Ted first walked through our doors in 2010.

With Love.Care.Hugs