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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Pam Leland is grieving the loss of her mother who died the end of December. Her father died earlier in 2021. That is allot for anyone person so we are sending extra love and energy to you.  Babs Herrli asked for healing energy for hubby Gary while he is mending from sciatic pain.  Adrienne Hester fell in the shower and spent a night in Good Samaritan.  Then she woke up in the middle of the night with a very rapid heart rate.  This time she was admitted to BCH, but is now home with Kaiser monitoring her cardiac issues.  Adrienne says they told her the rapid heart rate was atrial fibrillation, and they will be treating her for that.  Ruth Sanders, former member of UUCB, fell and broke her hip.  Holly Porter’s sister-in-law entered Hospice care, the beginning of January.  Doug Mercer hoped that his daughter’s operation on January 12th would be successful.  Deborah Berioli’s dear friend Jose passed away suddenly, which was a shock to everyone.  He was a beautiful operatic tenor.  Sharon and Bill Belew thanked UUCB for welcoming the Buddhist funeral/memorial for their dear friend, LaDonna Shea.  Henry Kroll shared that the Senior Men Caregivers Group lost their founder and leader, Wendell Wall, whose battle with lung disease ended on the Thursday before Christmas.  Mary Clough is grateful for both of our Revs., David & Dana, who have been checking in with her and providing moral support/love embodied.  Anne Olsen is new to Boulder and navigating her feelings of loneliness in a new place.  Katie Rosenthal who just lost another baby, her second pregnancy loss in five months.  Diane Curlette shared “I am so sorry for the loss of your babies, may you feel held and loved by all”.  From Chris Zanoni sadness at the passing of Thich Nhat Hahn — may his spirit live on throughout the world.  Keri Wray’s cat needs a biopsy to see if she has cancer.  John Cuddington’s 98 year old Dad was taken to the Regina, Sask. hospital on 1/20.  Debbie Davies shares sadness after talking to her friend of 25 years who lost her home in the fire.  She tried so hard to find her cat, but only had minutes to get away.  Sadness for our entire community as we try to sort things out.  Kate Weinstein’s kind and thoughtful Aunt Ruth died at age 94, in New Hampshire last month.  COVID struck the Abbitt family, Kaitlin, Billie, Corbin & Fletcher.  Members from The LUUP, and other UUCBs in Longmont, rallied around them with food. Jennifer Skiendzielewski’s partner, Teri, is in the hospital waiting for her transplant on February 1st.  Lisa Dahlgren’s daughter and boy friend, were in an auto accident two weeks ago. (If you shared something in the chat, for this paragraph on 1/16/22 I do NOT have it.  Please send to for me if needed.)

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Babs Herrli is filled with joy that her mother turned 101 “wise years” old the end of December!  Daughter, Kendall and Moi went through the Pima Court closets, collecting 28 bags which we donated to the Hospice Thrift store — hopefully for some of the fire victims.  Obviously it was way past time for that project, but for a good cause, and timely.  Gregory Klassen shared “What’s next?  My divorce was finalized this week.”  (Greg, I didn’t know if this belonged in this paragraph or the one above.)   There was a recent article, and pix in the Daily Camera about Greg, his disease, his son, and his daughter-in-law.  It is on the UUCB bulletin board.  UUA Pacific Western Region Staff Lead Rev. Carlton E. Smith, and Rev. Summer Albayati, joined us Sunday, January 2, 2022 after the Marshall fire, and shared all of their love, and especially to the loss of two homes from our congregants.  Joy from Debbie and Jeff Davies that their son, Greg, who grew up in this church, turned 30 the weekend of 1/16.  Members and friends are loving Ben Thompson’s music!  So very excited to share that the Hinkleberg’s are back in Longmont!!  Yes, Lauren Hinkle, Dan Tillberg, Ramona, and Baby-to Be have returned to Colorado!  Welcome back, and we look forward to seeing you in person.  Owen Bailey completed his “…8th trip around the sun”, last month.

Random Thoughts:  Hopefully you techie folk can sleuth around and find the PBS – Channel Six program, Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame which aired January 13, 2022.  Our member, Josie Heath was the first person to be featured in this new series.  For those with longer term memory, you will be able to see Josie, her story — Rollie, and their family, Stratton, Kristin & Joel.  The two youngest grew up at UUCB.  It is informative and very well done.  Also Jim Martin gave her a great “shout-out” in an editorial piece in the Daily Camera, January 23, 2022.  Both pieces are well worth your time.  To know Josie and the Heath’s is to LOVE them!

If you missed Rev. Sally Fritsche’s sermon on 1/23/22 it too, is worth your time.  It is heavy, but so important.  Age 85 I shall share a different type of abortion story — one that she did not tell.  Fred and my daughters are the only people that know the whole story.  I never told my mother, nor my first husband.  In 1958, I was a Junior at the Kansas City Art Institute. I became pregnant.  My boy friend and I, travelled to Wichita KS, his home, for the weekend.  There, his mother took me for an abortion, to a “back alley” clinic.  The doctor was blind, kind enough, but no anesthetic, and a coat hanger.  We were sent away with a bottle of pills I was to take so I would not get an infection.  The next day, the long drive back to KCMO was quite uncomfortable.  Years later, I successfully gave birth to two daughters.    I supported, and celebrated the Roe vs. Wade  decision, for them, and for every woman. May NO ONE ever have to go through what I did!  In my lifetime, I never believed that it could again, become an issue — to lose.