Membership Matters – April 2023

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and wishes continue to be with:
  • To all among us who are ill, recovering, and suffering in silence.
  • Ben Thompson, our very beloved pianist, who heads off to Air Force boot camp next month. We celebrated him on March 26th.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:
  • Fred Cole has been named Lead Volunteer-Information Services at the UUA General Assembly, this June, in Pittsburg.
  • Welcome back to our world travelers – Caitlin Moore & Will Kropp who were in three Asian countries. Whitney Wheeless & Jim Rowe who are back from New Zealand.
  • New members, Cait McQuade & Joe Polman are currently in Ireland. Ellen Snyder & Henry Kroll leave April 10th for their travels, including a 5-day cruise to Europe.
  • Returning members on Sunday, March 19th were Judy Furtney & Clint Brown who were welcomed warmly.
Special Welcome to New Members: 
  • Exciting times as we have so many new members. We are so pleased that you have joined us on your spiritual journey.
  • They are, Candice & Martha Bautista-Biddle (and baby to be), Kristin Corwin, Helen Rose Germain, Cait McQuade & Joe Polman, Rachael Peterson, Rebecca Root & WikTeh Sanchez
Random Thoughts:
You noticed that your news is rather slim this month. The only way(s) that I receive information is when you write it on the Blessings and Concerns sheet outside the Earth Room on Sunday morning – or via notifications to Rev. Schwartz via email during the week. You can also email me directly @ I will never publish anything, about anybody, without their approval! I collect your info throughout the month, for next the month’s Membership Matters column. My deadline is the last Wednesday of every month. I do care, and I always want hear about what is happening in the lives of everyone associated with UUCB; including YOU!
With Love.Care.Hugs.Energy,?